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Whenever you go shopping there are usually a few factors that determine what you buy and what you pass up. One is obviously money (though we all wish this wasn’t the case). Price can be a deciding factor, but often we will pay a little more for something if it offers measurable value. Another factor is trust: Do you know what’s being sold? Do you trust who’s selling it? Can you trust that it will fulfill your needs? The flipside of trust is often chance: Are you willing to take a chance on a new product that will hopefully deliver the same or better results than your tried-and-true choice? When these lenses are applied to the cloud marketplace, what you’ll discover is that is rarely the case. Some cloud providers differentiate by price, others by scale, others by burgeoning tech, and even other by services layered on top of the technology. It is widely understood th... (more)

Five Private Cloud Pitfalls

There are many reasons to trust the private cloud – from reliability, to security and compliance, to predictability, private cloud can often be the best choice for a business. But just because it’s private doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to its own range of pitfalls. While the shortcomings of public cloud have been widely discussed, it’s important to note that private clouds, too, are associated with  a range of potential pitfalls you ought to be aware of. Private cloud may be the right choice for you, though it is not without its potential pitfalls. 1. Virtualization and clou... (more)

Cloud Player – Lon Binder, Vice President Technology, Warby Parker

Lon Binder, VP of Technology at Warby Parker Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down for an extended conversation with Lon Binder, VP of Technology at Warby Parker. We discussed a range of issues central to how Warby Parker approaches IT, including new store launches, what IT is meant to achieve for a business, cloud strategy, and much more.  This is the first of two parts. Check out Part 2 here. Thoughts? Feedback? Let us know on Twitter @CloudGathering. Gathering Clouds: So you just had your recent store launch. How did that process go and what was your involvement from th... (more)

Cloud Skills Shortage: Does It Matter?

More and more companies around the world are embracing the cloud – and that’s a good thing. But this massive IT shift also presents a problem: With so many businesses moving to cloud, is there enough quality IT technicians available to help businesses manage the switch? Don Reisinger from CIO Insight, among many others in the space, has identified the IT skills shortage as a real issue facing the cloud industry. With so much of the technology creating a rift between the old school IT managers of the mainframe to pure virtualization eras and the newer DevOps and Cloud engineer r... (more)

How To: Enhancing Legacy Apps with Cloud

As we’ve discussed previously, dealing with legacy applications in the cloud is not a simple, straight ahead proposition. The bottom line is it can be done, but doing it smartly is a whole other issue. As Dan Woods asks: “Can cloud infrastructure support traditional applications that were not built to deliver reliable performance from unreliable components?” What are the best ways to use the cloud to enhance legacy apps? The reasons to move legacy apps to the cloud are manifest: improved performance, ROI, and associated upkeep costs, to name a few. So much money has already gone ... (more)